Hello and thank you for stopping in, its always great to see you!!

If you are new to my work, let me introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Jenny Kaufman, I live in Queen Creek, Arizona and my Nikon is my plus one.

I started getting serious with my camera around 2009ish and have not put it down yet. 

What/who do I photograph? I photograph musicians and concerts, events, behind the scenes and fashion.

What's in the bag?  I work and play with a Nikon and No, I don't get wrapped up in gear but I do get inspired by techniques, textures and color and the occasional "what if ?! "when collaborating with local artists.  


I wish I had a great and fantastic story for how I came up with the name but there isn't one.

Perhaps as time goes by a story may develop. 

A photograph is more than a picture, it is a capture of a moment to be remembered.

The way I see things...Everything is ART!